Tips to Find the Right Wedding Planner
The choice of your wedding planner depends and based on what one is interested in for selection since they are so many of the available options. Here, we consider the standard services that the wedding planner should provide.

Services for a referral. The planner should recommend a wide range of different vendors based on the preferences you provide then they let you do the liaising and hiring on your own. They can also help in negotiations but only when you allow them to.

Comprehensive and extended service. The planner must oversee everything as soon as they are hired. They should organize tasks like choosing the venue of the wedding, helping with providers of different services as well as booking the church where the wedding is supposed to take place. You can also decide to let the planner oversee some few minor tasks then you handle the rest. In that case, the choice is left for you.

Background and education. You need to make your choice according to the objectives of the wedding. If you want some creative inputs, then you will have to consider one with a background in a creative field like graphic and art designing. In case you want your creativity in the planning, then you can look for one who will work with you as a partner doing the legwork. A good planner should have both creativity and organization. Check out  Southern Wedding Planner

Experience. The other thing to consider is the length of time they have been in the business. A planner should be able to prove their know-how and reliability in their work through the works they have previously conducted. They should be able to give references for clients whom they have worked with in the past through wedding videos and images.

Personality. They should be flexible to changing ideas and adapt to them to accommodate your schedules and be realistic on the vision whether it is achievable within your budget to avoid some unexpected future surprises. They should transparently communicate this from the day you start the planning. Read more at

Cost. They should come out clear about how they do their calculations for the charges and let you know if other likely additional costs could appear later. In the case of flat fee charging, then they should be clear whether everything is included to manage everything until the end. If they work on an hourly rate, they should let you know the count of hours included and whether after that they will be available for consultancy.